401(k) IRA Rollover
What are the consequences of spending my 401K/IRA versus saving it?
Auto Lease Vs. Buy
Should I buy or lease a new automobile?
Mortgage Payment w/Amortization
How much will my monthly mortgage payment be?
College Funding
How much will I need to set aside each month to pay for my child’s education?
Lump Sum Savings
How much will I need to invest now in order to have a specified sum at a specified time in the future?
Real Hourly Wage
How much am I earning from my job after all work-related expenses are deducted from my wages?
Loan Payment with Amortization
How much will my monthly loan payment be?
Debt Ratio
What is my debt to income ratio?
Mortgage Qualification
How much house can I afford?
Bi-Weekly Mortgage
How much time and money will I save if I make bi-weekly payments on my mortgage?
Mortgage Refinancing
Should I refinance my mortgage?
Simple Loan
How much will my loan payment be, and how much interest will I end up paying?
Debt Payoff
How long will it take me to pay off a given debt?
Millionaire Timetable
How long before I become a millionaire?
Automobile Loan
How much will my car payments be?
IRA to Roth Conversion
Should I convert my traditional IRA to a Roth IRA?